Week   1

Fri 9/3 – Introduction

Class Introduction (syllabus overview)

Video Game Genres

Video Game History (1)

Tutorial: Brief jump into Unity3D

Post to the class blog (due next week, 5pm Thu)
A Game Art / Art Game project that you find specially interesting (and why). Min 150 words and image(s)/video(s).

Week   2

Fri 9/10 – Game Theories

Screening of students’ previous work

Video Game History (2)

Contemporary Games (1)

Overview of free and commercial tools used to create games.

Tutorial: Processing 1

Readings (discussion due next week):

Celia Pearce: “Towards a Game Theory of Game”

Eric Zimmerman: “Narrative, Interactivity, Play and Games: Four Naughty Concepts in Need of Discipline”

Week   3

Fri 9/17 – Game Theories II

Game Art Exhibitions (1)

Assignment 1 due

Tutorial: Processing 2

Tutorial: Sudden Motion Sensor Library

Discussion: Pearce, Zimmerman.

Assignment 1 (due next week).

Week   4

Fri 9/24 – Narratology/Cyberdrama

Online Video Game History I

Video Game Design and Production process

Contemporary Games continued

Tutorial: Processing 2 continued

Readings (discussion due next week):

Janet Murray, “From Game-Story to to Cyberdrama”

Ken Perlin, “Can There Be a Form between a Game and a Story?”

Post to class Blog (due next week, 5pm Thu):
A Game Art / Art Game project related to the readings + 3 questions about readings to discuss in class.

Week   5

Fri 10/1 – Ludology / Other Interactions I

Guest Artist (Erik Peterson)

Assignment 2 due

Tutorial: Processing 3

Discussion: Murray, Perlin.

Readings (discussion due next week):

Markku Eskelinen, “Towards Computer Game Studies”
Espen Aarseth, “Genre Trouble: Narrativism and the Art of Simulation”

Week   6

Fri 10/8 –  Other Interactions II

Work on Midterm Projects (1-button game)


Tutorial Processing 4

Discussion: Eskelinen, Aarseth (and Ebert)

Week   7

Fri 10/15 –  Midterm Projects

Presentation + Critique of Midterm Projects (1-button game)

Little OOSample

Readings (discussion due next week):

Stuart Moulthrop, “From Work to Play: Molecular Culture in the Time of Deadly Games”

Week   8

Fri 10/22 –  Computer Vision


Computer Vision in Processing, vdig

Individual Meetings

Tutorial: Unity3D

Discussion: Moulthrop

Readings (discussion due next week):

Camille Utterback, “Unusual Positions – Embodied Interactivity with Symbolic Spaces”
Mathias Fuchs: “Ludic Interfaces”

Attend: Camille Utterback Lecture October 25th.

Week   9

Fri 10/29 – Final Project Feedbak


Presentation of Final Projects: Ideas, Gropups, Related Projects.

Story-board for Game Design

Tutorial: Unity3D 2 and  3D Maya -> Unity communication

3D Materials

Discussion: Utterback, Fuchs

Week   10

Fri 11/5 – Critical Simulation /Ethics of Simulation


Work on Final Projects

Tutorial: Unity3D 3

Readings (discussion due next week):

Simon Penny, “Representation, Enaction, and the Ethics of Simulation”

Post to class Blog (due next week, 5pm Thu):
A Game Art / Art Game project related to the readings + 3 questions about readings to discuss in class.

Week   11

Fri 11/12 – Institutional Critique

Work on Final Projects

Discussion: Penny.

Readings (discussion due next week):

Daphne Dragona: “From Parasitism to Institutionalism: Risks and Tactics for game-based-art

Mary Flanagan: “Creating Critical Play”.

Week   12

Fri 11/19 – Political Gaming

Presentation + Critique: Final Projects Work in Progress

Discussion: Dragona, Flanagan.

Readings (discussion due next week):

Gonzalo Frasca, “Videogames of the Oppressed”

Fri 11/26 – Thanksgiving  - No Class

Week   13

Fri 12/3 – Political Gaming

Screenings, laboral mediateca

Work on Final Projects, Unity NPC demo

Discussion: Frasca.

Fri 12/10 – Critique Week – No Class

Week   14

Fri 12/17 – Final Projects Critique

Presentation + Critique of Final Projects.